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Enjoy your ride

Exclusive cars for you and your friends
The cars are only available for you and your fellow students, so they are ‘your cars’

Great for a day or weekend out
Explore the Netherlands and go places not easy to visit with public transport

Brand new cars for affordable prices
The shared cars are 100% electric, super comfy and parked just around the corner


No paid subscriptions, only if you want to save money on your trips!


No monthly fee

For your daily trip to the supermarket

€ 5,00 per hour
€ 0,20 per km
Max. € 50,00 per 24hr (excl. km)
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Explore the Netherlands everyday

€ 2,50 per hour
€ 0,20 per km
Max. € 25,00 per 24hr (excl. km)
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Terms and conditions

The pricing included charging costs. You only pay 10 hours per 24hr in one reservation excluding the amount of kilometers you have driven. All users have to pay € 25 to subscribe for using the shared cars as an entry fee. In the unfortunate case of any damage to the car, your 'own risk' will be €500 per event. In the event of a fine, we pass on the costs immediately. We charge an administrative surcharge of €12.50 per event. All costs include VAT.

Adventure Awaits!


From €


Daytrip to Amsterdam from €16,00 pp. Take a couple of friends* to Amsterdam for a fun city trip and explore the beautiful capital of the Netherlands. Go see a real Van Gogh or Rembrandt at the Museumplein or take a boat trip through the canals.


From €


Chill at Scheveningen beach from €17,00 pp. Take a few friends*, flip-flops, your swimming clothes and drive to the beautiful Dutch coastline in less than 1.5 hours. Have you ever tried the Dutch snack ‘haring’ or ‘kibbeling’? They serve the best at Scheveningen!


From €


Shopping in Outlet Center Roermond from € 15 pp. Take your friends*and go shopping in the number one Designer Outlet of the Netherlands. You can find the Designer Outlet at only an hour away from Tilburg. Steal the show in your new clothing!

*Based on 4 persons

How does it work?


You can register on this website and select the subscription plan that you prefer. After this, you receive the contract directly per email.


In one (work) day you receive an activation link for the app. Download the OnzeAuto app in Google Play or App-store. Click on the activation link and create an account. 


Login in the app, you can add bookings and open and close the car with your smartphone.

Easy access, easy driving

With the OnzeAuto sharing app, you can easily book, open and close the shared car. You can reserve the car three months in advance, so you are always assured of a car. And do you have the same trip planned every week? Then you can just repeat a reservation. We are available 24/7 to help you.

The cars you'll be driving

BMW i3

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is known for its unique design. And did you know that the car is made from recycled and natural raw materials? How cool is that?

Range: 230 km
Seats: 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in case of damage?

Please follow the steps in the instruction card inside the car. In case of small damage please report the damage in the app at the end of your reservation. If you can't drive further, you must contact emergency services.

Do I always have to return the car to the same location?

Yes, you are not allowed to leave the car anywhere else. You can only end your booking at the fixed location.

Can you go abroad in the shared car?

You are allowed to go abroad with the electric shared car. The car is insured, and the charging card works at most charging stations. It is important to well prepare for your trip since there are fewer charging stations abroad than inside the Netherlands. Use e.g., the charge map app to plan your journey. Please note: if the charging card of VandeBron or Ecotab is not working at a charging point you can use PayPal or your Credit card and admit the costs at OnzeAuto in the app. We only refund if the prices are comparable with charging prices per kWh in the Netherlands. Make sure that you are not using the 'pay per minute' charging stations. Please know the range of your car, the range in the winter is different than in the summer. Variables such as speed and heating have a big impact on the actual range. Check the details of your car on We strongly advise finding a charging station ASAP when the power percentage drops below 20%.

How does an electric car drive compare to a gasoline or diesel car?

Most people are quickly used to driving an electric car. It is very quiet and comfortable. The cars also get a better operating range (200-400 km). You must calculate your range before your ride.

What happens if I do not return on time and the car has already been reserved by another user?

The system schedules a small buffer between 2 reservations. Extend your reservation in the app, otherwise, you cannot end your booking. Please reach out to the help desk so they can help the other user.

I have problems with the app, what to do?

In case of problems with the app, such as starting or terminating your reservation, you can contact the sharing support helpdesk 24/7 on 085 487 56 60. They will assist you remotely and will help you to get back on track.

How good is the availability of the shared cars?

With three shared cars, at least one car is usually available. If usage increases within your community, we will organize an extra car.

What are the participation requirements?

Anyone (18+) with a valid driver's license can participate. However, if you are excluded by an insurer, it is not possible to subscribe. Please note that you must live in the Campus area. All participants have to pay a €25, - entree fee.

Any questions?

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